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30 November 2012

What is Bios Life Slim? - Let Food Be Your Medicine


**Frequently asked Questions**

Question: What is Bios Life Slim?
Answer: Bios Life Slim™ is a revolutionary fat burning product; providing the first scientific breakthrough in fat loss in over 30 years. Containing natural, proprietary ingredients, Bios Life Slim™ helps your body naturally regulate the amount of fat stored.

Question: Who can drink Bios Life Slim?
Answer: Bios Life Slim™ is derived from natural ingredients so it is safe for all ages—but is recommended for adults and teenagers who want to lose excess fat or prevent gaining additional fat. Diabetics can safely take this product if they monitor Blood Glucose Levels and work with their health practitioner to adjust their medications accordingly.

Question: Can a child drink Bios Life Slim?
Answer: The natural ingredients of Bios Life Slim™ are good for any age group. More children are experiencing problems with weight and fat issues than ever before. Children six to twelve should consume only half servings of Bios Life Slim™. For children under six, we recommend you consult your pediatrician about adding Bios Life Slim™ to their diet.

Question: Can a pregnant or nursing woman drink Bios Life Slim?
Answer: A pregnant or nursing woman should consult her physician about consuming a high fiber drink like Bios Life Slim.
(more questions and answers below)

Question: Can I drink Bios Life Slim with other Bios Life products?
Answer: Absolutely, all Bios Life™ products are classified as fiber-based dietary supplements. Combining Bios Life™ products will add more fiber to your diet and possibly enhance the functionality of the product.

Question: What ingredients in Bios Life Slim promote fat loss?
Answer: Biosphere Fiber™ and Unicity 7x™ (proprietary blends).

Question: How does Bios Life Slim work?
Answer: Bios Life Slim™ contains proprietary ingredients that help your body naturally and safely reduce the amount of fat it stores. Bios Life Slim™ not only helps your body store less fat but also allows existing fat to be burned away—naturally. (no starving, no jitters, no stimulants). The discovery of Unicity 7x and other ingredients and how they work are proprietary information.

Question: When is the best time to drink Bios Life Slim?
Answer: For best results, drink Bios Life Slim™ 10-15 minutes prior to meals. If you forget to drink Bios Life Slim™ before eating, drinking it with your meals will still provide some benefits.

Question: Can you drink Bios Life Slim with herbs or homeopathic products?
Answer: Yes. Bios Life Slim™ is considered a food.

Question: Can you drink Bios Life Slim with medication?
Answer: Bios Life Slim™ is considered a food. If you have specific questions about your medication, ask your physician if it is acceptable to take your medication with a fiber drink.

Question: Can you drink Bios Life Slim with Lean Control; will it be as effective?
Answer: Yes, adding Lean Control to Bios Life Slim™ is one way to accelerate fat loss.

Question: Can you drink Bios Life Slim with alcoholic beverages?
Answer: We don’t recommend dissolving the packet contents in alcoholic beverages; however, the product is safe to drink before a meal where alcoholic beverages are consumed.

Question: Will Unicity International release Bios Life Slim in an unsweetened formulation?
Answer: Yes but the Unsweetened only comes in the Canister.

Question: Should I cleanse my liver the whole time I am drinking Bios Life Slim?
Answer: We recommend cleansing your liver on a regular basis at least quarterly.

Question: What kind of sweetener is in Bios Life Slim?
Answer: Sucralose.

Question: Why is there artificial sweetener in Bios Life Slim?
Answer: Sucralose is a good non-caloric sweetener for Bios Life products. Many products throughout the world use this sweetener. Sweeteners like sugar or fructose are unacceptable for many of our clients.
Sucralose, a low-calorie sweetener, is the sweetening ingredient used worldwide in more than 4,000 food, beverage and nutritional products. The safety of sucralose has been confirmed by leading medical, scientific, and regulatory authorities around the world including; the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Joint (Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization) Expert Committee on Food Additives, European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Food, Health Canada, and Food Standards Australia/New Zealand. For more information about Sucralose visit,

Question: Is Bios Life Slim considered a Kosher product?
Answer: Bios Life Slim™ is Kosher certified by the KO Kosher certification service.

Question: What is the shelf life for Bios Life Slim?
Answer: A recommended two year shelf life.

Question: What clinical studies are available on Bios Life Slim?
Answer: Five clinical studies (including placebo and double blind) have been completed. The results have been very impressive. These studies have not been published due to the confidential nature of the Unicity 7x™ blend.

Question: Should I continue drinking Bios Life Slim when I have achieved my fat loss goal?
Answer: As with all Bios Life products, drinking them means making a lifestyle change. We recommend continuing the product even after goals have been achieved.

Question: How quickly can I see results with Bios Life Slim?
Answer: It may take a full 90 days to balance your body’s ability to regulate fat. However, you will likely see fat loss within the first six weeks. Many experience benefits earlier.

Question: Most pharmaceutical drugs produce potentially dangerous side effects. What adverse side effects associated with Bios Life products?
Answer: There are no adverse side effects from Bios Life Slim™. In addition, Bios Life2® and Bios Life Complete, the base product for Bios Life Slim™, are listed in the Physicians Desk Reference.

Question: What stimulants are in Bios Life Slim?
Answer: Bios Life Slim™ does not contain stimulants.

Question: What are some of the other benefits of Bios Life Slim?
Answer: Bios Life Slim™ contains all of the ingredients of Bios Life Complete, therefore, it also provides the following benefits:

-Increased energy
-Reduced glycemic index of foods you eat
-Improved cholesterol levels
-Balanced blood sugar
-Improved lipid profiles
-Regulated bowel function

Question: Is there any other All Natural Products you sell for Regulating Bowel?
Answer: Yes we sell Nature's Tea for people who don't want to use Over the Counter laxatives. It's all natural and works great. You don't have to be on SLIM to use it.

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So.......How does Bios Life Slim Work?

the Science behind the biggest Medical Breakthrough in 

weight loss and Diabetes control in 30 years !

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  1. At the heart of Bios Life Slim is its proprietary fiber blend. By increasing your fiber intake 10 to 15 minutes before a meal, you help offset what is entering your body.

    When you consume food, your body increases its insulin and glucose levels; its goal is to take advantage of all the energy you're providing. The problem is, you'll sometimes provide more than your body needs at that moment; that leftover energy is stored as fat.

    Bios Life Slim helps in two ways. One, Bios Life Slim will slow the rate of absorption; this is especially significant for high-carbohydrate meals. Carbs are great sources of energy, as long as they're used relatively quickly. But if they're not used, these carbs are converted into fat. By slowing the absorption rate, Bios Life Slim helps your body utilize those carbs over a longer period of time - eliminating the need to store them as fat.

    The other way Bios Life Slim helps is by creating fat-burning zones between meals. Utilizing the 4-4-12 principle (where you wait at least four hours between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and 12 hours between dinner and breakfast the next day) it allows your body's glucose and insulin levels to return to normal. You won't have to eat between meals because the fiber in Bios Life Slim will be providing ongoing energy form the carbs you've already eaten, and if you do need more energy your body will have a reason to burn the fat reserves it already has.

    In the end, Bios Life Slim not only helps curb hunger, but it helps your body burn the fat it already has - all without the confusion, hunger, and mediocre results of other weight loss products and programs.

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