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01 June 2015

UNICITY International CEO's Message

One of Unicity’s strongest marketing advantages is that we have real products that are based on real science and trials proving the products’ efficacy.

I just received my copy of the 2012 Physicians’ Desk Reference. This is a large encyclopedia-like book that can be found in every doctor’s office. This is the resource that doctors refer to for information on all types of drugs and other products treat various ailments.

I am pleased to announce that the 2012 edition of the PDR contains 12 of Unicity’s products: Bio C, Bios Life C (Cardio), Bios Life D (India), Bios Life Slim, BoneMate Plus, Cardio-Basics (Cellular Esssentials), Cardio-Essentials, CM Plex Capsules, CM Plex Cream, Immunizen, OmegaLife-3, and Bios Life Vision Essentials.

This powerful lineup of Unicity products is helping to Make Life Better for millions of people every day around the world. Are you sharing our message of health with those you care most about? 

Best of health to all.

Source ~ Unicity's CEO Stewart Hughes blog.

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